Last Comic Standing: More rumors/data! CORRECTIONS?

by Brian McKim & Traci Skene on January 30th, 2008

One of our “correspondents” says the following, following the latest LCS audition in Los Angeles last night:

Making it through to the showcase was Ben Glieb, Ruby Wendell, Thai Rivera, Bob Purkell, Rosie Tran, and Tom Clark .

There is some uncertainty as to the last comic, Clark, making it in and there may have been more comics than listed here.

We also hear that the number of well-known comics will be kept to a minimum this season, and that there may more of a focus on the backstories of the comics on the show, due to the WGA strike. (We’re not quite clear on how that works, but there it is.)

CORRECTIONS/CLARIFICATIONS: Now we’re hearing that neither Clark nor Purkell made the cut.

And we’re hearing that Jackie Kashian, Eddie Pepitone and Esau McGraw were advanced to the big show. Ruby Wendell is mentioned as possibly advancing. Anyone know for sure? Drop it in the comments!