First "The Wire," now this!

by Brian McKim & Traci Skene on December 3rd, 2004

If you’d like to read an article that does for the Baltimore comedy scene what HBO’s The Wire does for the Charm City in general, take a peek at this profile of Johns Hopkins student and part-time standup comic Adam Ruben! We extracted this gem for your immediate enjoyment:

Ruben has performed at the Baltimore Improv, a gig that included one of his strangest experiences in stand up comedy. “The [Baltimore] Improv would give homeless guys unlimited alcohol for them to perform,” Ruben said with a straight face. “One time I tied for third with a drunk homeless man who mooned the audience”

Sounds like fun! When is signup?!?

Ruben is a fourth-year biology grad student who was bitten by the comedy bug some time ago and he says he wants to do “biology by day and comedy by night.” Then we saw the last paragraph of the article:

He is also considering a Masters in the Fine Arts in playwriting and wants to continue writing comedy as well as performing it.

Forget it. The kid’s hooked. For Ruben, biology is… history.