HBO ONS interviews

by Brian McKim & Traci Skene on September 20th, 2005

HBO gives viewers a chance to get to know the performers on their One Night Stands, by running interviews with each on their website. The above link goes to the Louis CK chat.

HBO: Were you ever taken under somebody’s wing and shown the ropes?

Louis CK: There was a guy named D.J. Hazard who was just the weirdest comedian. He had this cult following, and he was really mysterious and interesting. I just worshipped the guy, and he took me under his wing. He used to let me do a set on his show every Thursday night at this place called Play It Again, Sam’s. I would have to run the tech stuff for him and help him a little bit, and then he’d put me on the stage. I’d bomb every night, but he didn’t mind. I was f***ing up his show, and he was like, ‘just keep trying’. So I owe a lot to that guy.

With communication being the way it is these days (very good) and with transportation being so advanced in 2005, we’re puzzled that Mr. CK refers to Hazard in the past tense.

We’ve known DJ since our 80’s Boston experiences and have hung out with him in such diverse locales as Syracuse, Los Angeles and Montreal… and we run into Mr. Hazard in the flesh on occasion just by accident. (He was on our showcase in last year’s NYUCF) and we’ve invited him to be on our Oct. 6 show this year. He’s also very gettable via his website, Earthbase Hazard.