Guy Earle/B.C. Human Rights Tribunal update

by Brian McKim & Traci Skene on July 17th, 2008

There’s much more buzz out there (in the MSM and on the WWW) about the plight of Guy Earle, the comedian who is currently being persecuted by the human rights industry in Canada.

From a recent column by Jonathan Kay in the National Post:

Would somebody just put a d–k in that guy’s mouth, please? That’s what he wants! He’s a c–ksucker in disguise! He’s got his mouth open because he wants someone to cum in it!”

“If you keep it up, we’ll grab your ass and throw you on the f—ing street where you belong with your mother. And I’m f—ing her in the a–hole every night anyway. So f–k you and your sister and your wife. If you got a kid, I hope your f—ing kid dies in a car fire. How do you like that you stupid c–ksucker?”

The “that guy” in the above quote does not refer to Earle, of course. It’s a quote from George Carlin and “that guy” is a man who had the temerity to heckle Carlin during one of his performances. Kay says that “the crowd loved it. Carlin got an ovation.”

Before anyone is tempted to say that Guy Earle is no George Carlin, we urge you to stop right there. Guy Earle is (was, we should say, now that the legend has passed on) no Carlin when it comes to fame, fortune and experience. But Earle is George Carlin in one very fundamental way: They are both comedians and, as such, have every right to freedom of expression.

This Saturday, in Toronto, a benefit show will be held to benefit Earle’s legal defense fund at Comedy Bar on Bloor St. West. Forty comics will each get 60 seconds to say whatever they wish at the Comics For Freedom Rally. Click on the poster below for details.

We are beginning to find humorous the feeble-mindedness of some of the commenters on various sites that carry mention of the Guy Earle/BCHRT controversy. This one, from the Western Standard site, is a particular fave:

I really don’t think that Guy’s comments towards these two women had anything to do with his act. Being a comedian does not exempt you from hate speech. Guy’s rant was a pointed attack sgainst these two women. It started because Guy did not believe that these women had the right to kiss in public-because they were gay. He started the altercation because of his discriminatory attitude. I like jokes-and even offensive ones. But Guy was not joking. These women called him out on his bigotry and Guy responded by attacking them.

Human rights tribunal? I’m not sure. But Guy is no hero. He is no champion of free speech. Why can’t people see that?

To which we reply: Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! (It helps to read all the quotes in the voice of the Brady Bunch’s Jan character.)