Dinner and a movie

by Brian McKim & Traci Skene on June 14th, 2012

We’re cramming our socializing into every nook and cranny of our East Coast Swing.  (What is a cranny, anyway?  Has anyone under the age of 110 actually seen a cranny?  Nooks, we get, but crannies?)

We were invited to Vos-McFarlane HQ on Tuesday night for dinner, followed by a screening of their “cockumentary,” “Women Aren’t Funny.”  (That’s “cockumentary, as in “a combination of a comedy and documentary.”  Spell it with a “k” in there and you have yet another layer of meaning.  It’s produced by Rich Vos and directed by Bonnie McFarlane. It’s genesis was this column, which appeared in SHECKYmagazine.com way back in 2004!)

We’ve been fortunate enough, over the past two years, to be interviewed for it, seen snippets and rough cuts of it and been kept up to speed on the progress of it.

And now it looks like it’s ready for the world.

We can’t announce any specific where-when information.  Not yet.  Stay tuned.

It’s hard to talk about it (or rave about it) without giving too much away.  So, we’ll just say that we think that folks both inside and outside the industry will dig it.  Really dig it.  And that it provides insight into the comedy business while providing lots of laughs.  And it’s packed with standup comedy stars.  And, while it may not settle the issue that is provoked by the title, it will certainly spark debate.

Oh… and dinner was a delightful salmon dish, with asparagus, roasted potatoes and tomato/cucumber salad. Not everyone who views the film should expect McFarlane to prepare a similar meal for them. You are on your own as far as the dinner part is concerned.