Death is never funny

by Brian McKim & Traci Skene on July 13th, 2012

Child molestation is never funny.

No one should ever joke about domestic violence.

A comic should never joke about the holocaust.

If you make a joke about the loss of a child, it says a lot about you.

Drunk driving is not a subject that anyone should take lightly. Any joke about drunk driving just promotes the practice.

Doing material about abortion is never, ever funny.

Jokes about president Obama should be off-limits.

Jesus should never be the topic of a comedian’s presentation.

Gay jokes are not funny. Period.

Who could possibly make jokes about AIDS?

Do you really think that joking about stalking is appropriate?

Racist jokes are not funny. And if you don’t know which jokes are racist, then you are plainly racist.

Jokes that hurt someone’s feelings are not funny at all.

Jokes containing the word (fill in the blank) are never funny.

Family Guy is not humorous and I’m sick and tired of ‘it’s just a joke’ type responses to people who are seriously harmed by society’s approval of jokes that target an oppressed minority.”

Humor that “punches down” is not funny. You’re just a bully, not a comic.

It isn’t humor if it hurts. That’s just insults.

Jokes about Muhammed are not funny.

Rape jokes are NEVER funny.