Finding the funny

by Brian McKim & Traci Skene on July 3rd, 2012

We finally found the time to find the funny last night. We had the DVD of “Finding The Funny,” the new standup documentary, on our entertainment center for a week before we cracked it open and gave it a spin.

It is a measure of just how exhausted/busy we are that we delayed so long in exploring a movie in which we are featured! The tasteful, austere website lists us among the dozens of interviewees, cast members and class members— Louie Anderson, Marty Allen, Jimmy Shubert, Andy Kindler, Joey Yanetty— just to name a handful.

We suppose the official title is “Finding The Funny, A John Bizarre Film,” as it was directed and edited by standup comic and film maker John Bizarre. Or maybe the offical official title is “Don Barnhart in Finding The Funny, A John Bizarre Film,” as it is standup comic/hypnotist Don Barnhart‘s standup comedy class that is the heart of the story.

Bizarre poses the question: Can standup be learned from a class? Then he proceeds to interview comedians– famous, veteran, beginner and otherwise– and asks them how they stumbled in to standup, whether or not they took a class, and whether or not there is any merit to such an undertaking. In between snippets of interviews, we’re given a rare look at just what goes on in such a classroom and we’re also afforded a look into the daytime activities of a few of the students. Along with this glimpse into the private lives of the aspiring comics, we get their justification for taking on the standup monster.

You can order the movie via the website. It’s only $19.95 + shipping and handling. And they take Visa and Mastercard!